Toronto Gaymer’s Anime North 2016 Ribbon Quest!

Ribbons to earn at AN 2016

Ribbons to earn at AN 2016

Toronto Gaymer’s Anime North 2016 Ribbon Quest!


Ribbon Quest is a scavenger hunt bingo game. By taking pictures through using your cellphone camera or digital camera you will be looking for cosplayers and ally organizations. The purpose of this game is to have Anime North Participants interact with others and to visit our allies.
Those that participate and complete the quest will be eligible to get either a “Gaymer” or “Ally” Ribbon (while supplies last) that they can attach to their Anime North badges.
In addition if a participant is able fill out the entire card they will eligible for a bonus prize from the Mystery Chest (while supplies last).


1. The Quest Begins Friday at 5pm; Saturday and Sunday at 10am and closes on Friday at 8pm; Saturday 6pm and Sunday at 4:30pm.

2. Pick up a quest sheet from our table at Gaming North at the Shearton Hotel or from the roaming Toronto Gaymers Outreach Team (they will have a sign) and will be visiting the Toronto Congress Center

3. To get a ribbon, one must get one ONE BINGO line (see diagram) by finding the cosplayer or ally table location to the corresponding space by taking a photo or selfie with the cosplayer or in front of the ally organizations’ banner


4. After Completing one line either come back to the Toronto Gaymers’ table at the Shearton or find the Outreach team. Show them the photos to the corresponding spaces to get your ribbon (While supplies last). Afterwards you have the option of completing the rest of your card for a bonus prize (while supplies last)

a. Ask for CONSENT from the Cosplayer(s) before taking a photo
b. Do tell them that you are participating in this Quest by Toronto Gaymers
c. Respect the cosplayers’ right to say “NO”; you will have to move on and find another consenting cosplayer
d. Please do not touch the cosplayers inappropriately, ask first
e. Please be considerate to our ally organizations, if they are busy please wait before taking a photo in front of their banner or table
f. You can use the same cosplayer twice for multiple spaces (i.e. Zelda can be used to claim the Zelda space and the Super Smash Bros Space)
g. If you are having trouble finding certain cosplayer feel free to talk to the table or outreach team and there may be a way to claim hard to find cosplayer space (you may only use this once though)


5. All prizes must be redeemed before the table closes on each day.

6. If you really want a ribbon and do not have time to complete the quest you can donate $5.00 to the table or team which goes to Toronto Gaymers programming (it’s not as fun but hey at least you are donating to a good organization)

7. Remember have fun and make new friends!!!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at