Board Games Afternoon

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Our new board games day will be held on Saturday September 17 at Bar 499! Yes it is in the day time but we have a lot more time to play (1pm – 9pm). We will be featuring the games Rick and Morty “TOTAL RICKALL” Coopoerative Card Game and also Battlestar Galactica.

Due to the length of Battlestar Galactica we will be starting the first game (learn how to play) at 1:30pm (up to 6 players can play). The second game will begin at 2pm (for experienced players).

We will have our full library of other games on hand as well.

We will also have the return of the Mystery Chest! If you win either game of the night you will increase your chances of winning the contents of the Mystery Chest.

The cost of this event is $6.00

Pleae note that outside food and drinks are not premitted at this event. Bar 499 has drinks for sale.

Encore Night With Board Again Games: Social Deduction


Our friends at Board Again games are going to teach all of you how to play some amazing social deduction games such as Secret Hitler! Other games: One night ultimate werewolf, Mascarade, Sheriff of Nottingham. If you want to find out who’s really on your team or outwit/outplay your friends do come on out!

You are also more than welcome to bring your own games too.

The cover for this event is $6.00

**This is an accessible, anti-oppressive space and a judgement -free zone. Unless you’re judging whether someone is smuggling contraband in Sheriff of Nottingham, in which case judging is allowed and even encouraged.