Volunteer Positions

Volunteers are important to us! If you want to volunteer at our events or to get more involved email us at Torontogaygamers@gmail.comWe are always looking for help with all of our monthly events and any community outreach efforts. Please state in the title of your email which of these categories you’re looking to help in and we shall get back to you!

Monthly Events: (Video Game Social, Board Game Night, and She Pwnz, Girls Gone Gaming)

Greeters: At all our monthly events we love to have l who will go the extra step to meet and greet with new comers and help them get settled into the environment.

Game Attendants: Excluding the Pub Quiz, we are looking for people each month willing to keep an eye on our Game closet(Board Game Night) and our game systems(Video Game Social) during our events.

Game Masters: We are always willing to have people to help teach new players our games of the night at board game night and She Pwnz (Lady Night).

Floaters: If you would love to help out but aren’t too interested in looking to stay in one position all through our events we are looking for people willing to relieve others during the night.

Community Outreach

Greeters: We love having people at our outreach booths who go up to passers-by and interested parties and tell them a bit more about our group and events.

Cosplayers: We’re always looking for cosplayers as well! We love to add geeky twists to our booths so if you love to cosplay and wanna help out please email us!

Floaters: We usually love having floaters around to help relieve those who’ve been at the booth for a long time or to help set up and tear down the booth.


Cosplayers: We love having Cosplayers at our booths for Pride. So if you want a chance to be doubly proud please don’t hesitate to email us!

Greeters: The most important part of Pride out reach is letting the community know we’re here. So if you would like to help spread the word about Toronto Gaymers and maybe just speak to other LGBT

Marchers: Right now we’re not looking for Marchers but as the date approaches we will open this up to emails. Keep your eyes out!





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